Does Gram’s Gourmet Granola contain any allergens?

The Gram’s Gourmet Granola line includes tree nuts including pecans, almonds, and walnuts, as well as wheat. The Gram’s Gourmet Granola kitchen also processes peanuts, milk, and soy.


Do you use preservatives?

None. Totally clean and wholesome!

Do you use artificial flavors and colors?



Is Gram’s Gourmet Granola organic?



Is Gram’s Gourmet Granola kosher?

Not yet.


Does the Gram’s Gourmet Granola kitchen have any factory certifications?

ASI Food Safety, Good Manufacturing Practice Audit.


How is Gram’s Gourmet Granola related to Blue Moose Sweet Shoppe?

Blue Moose Sweet Shoppe, LLC is the name of the company that owns the Gram’s Gourmet Granola brand. Separately, Blue Moose Sweet Shoppe, LLC sells a line of gourmet fudge under its own name to specialty outlets, fundraisers, and as corporate gifts. The company also makes and sells a second line of premium fudge under the brand name Great American Fudge Company.


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